Municipal Services

Boundaries, LLC provides professional consulting assistance to Towns and Cities throughout Connecticut with the following services:

Consulting Engineering Services

  • Design of Municipal Infrastructure Improvements
  • Development Plans
  • Drainage and Bond Peer Review
  • Technical Specifications and Bid Documents
  • Construction Oversight and Compliance Inspections
  • Erosion & Sedimentation: Control, Compliance, Inspection and Reporting

Consulting Wetlands Services

  • Wetland Regulation Updates and Revisions
  • Technical Assistance for Municipal Wetlands Agencies
  • Development Plan Review
  • Peer Review of Wetland Delineations and Impact Assessments
  • Wetlands-related Services for Municipal Projects
  • Erosion & Sedimentation Control Compliance

Consulting Planning Services

  • Grant Acquisition and Administration
  • Development Plan Review
  • Zoning and Subdivision Regulation Updates and Revisions
  • Plans of Conservation & Development
  • Development Feasibility and Yield Studies
  • "Shovel Ready" Site Planning and Permitting

Consulting Survey Services

  • Construction Stake-out
  • As-Built Surveys
  • GPS Location for Amending Municipal GIS Data Sets and Stormwater Management (MS4) General Permits
  • Topographic and Planimetric Surveys

Municipal Tax Maps

  • Preparation
  • Maintenance

Municipal Services Contact:
John U Faulise Jr, L.S.

Ethan Shaw
Ethan Shaw
September 13, 2022.
Great place to work
Craig Potter
Craig Potter
July 7, 2022.
Fantastic group here! They were prompt, friendly, thorough, well connected, and professional. Couldn't recommend them highly enough.
Tammy Rainville
Tammy Rainville
July 5, 2022.
From the first meeting with our Project Manager, Demian, we were impressed by his knowledge and attention to detail. He is professional and followed through on the complete surveying process, from town meetings to the approval to build. We would highly recommend him to anyone that needs prompt, courteous, and responsive responses to any land inquiries. We feel so lucky to have Demian, from Boundaries LLC, as a part of our team to build our home!
Trish LaPlatney
Trish LaPlatney
January 30, 2022.
From the moment that we contacted Boundaries LLC, we were impressed with their customer service as well as their professionalism. It has been a pleasure working with this company as we went through the process of surveying our property for the construction of our new home. If you want your job done correctly as well as in a timely fashion then this is the company to go with. Thank you to Boundaries LLC for all that you have done and for making the process so easy!
Gregory Stanford
Gregory Stanford
January 17, 2022.
Excellent work performing a detailed site development plan, survey and stake out for our undeveloped multi-acre property. They followed through helping arrange percolation and DEEP testing excavation and handled final approvals with the regional authorities and town approvals. We were very happy with the siting of our to-be-built home. Demian also provided a rough quote for septic components and design. The entire process was unexpectedly swift during Covid times. We highly recommend and look forward to working with Boundaries LLC again.
Stephen Kurczy
Stephen Kurczy
March 2, 2021.
I mainly worked with project manager Demian Sorrentino, who was very responsive, professional, and easy to work with. I had about two acres staked out with property corners, which required a decent amount of research in the town hall and on-site surveying. I also had one undeveloped acre assessed for a home development plan complete with drilled well, sewage, etc. Demian deftly handled it all, including the back-and-forth with the town's inland/wetland commission and the NDDH.
Jaimey Sherman
Jaimey Sherman
November 30, 2020.
Very impressed with all of the professional staff and their dedication to detail. Highly recommend them for all of your survey needs.

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